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Imperial Collection

Imperial Battle

My favorite dinosaur was the Triceratops, a feisty 4-legged herbivore with the best headgear. It seemed as though every dinosaur book I had featured a Triceratops confronting a Tyrannosaurus or some other kind of bipedal carnivore. Tricerotops was tops with me.

All the dinosaurs from my childhood gone, I was at a local thrift store when I discovered, in the toy section, a bag of Imperial dinosaurs. These dinosaurs represented almost everything biologically wrong with dinosaurs, but stylistically oh so right. Bright, bold color combinations that could only occur in flowers.

Modern Juvenile

This particular thrift store likes to group toys in clear “grab bags”. The groupings sometimes make sense, sometimes don’t. (I don’t think the store personnel really cares, but I can go on all kinds of rants about the nonsensical groupings of second-hand toys.) There were multiples of some of the figures, which meant that in order to get that one Stegosaurus, I had to buy it in the bag, along with a Styracosaurus and a Brachiosaurus. Which I already had. So I bought the whole bag, thinking that I would just re-sell the multiples I already had, but as I saw them together on my dresser, a decorative idea revealed itself. Using the design principle of repetition, I have groupings of dinosaurs accent the bookcase perfectly for a style I call “Modern Juvenile.”

I went on to discover that a couple of the earliest toys I still have from my childhood are Imperial toys. This includes a Godzilla figure, an alligator, and a gorilla which have designated as a King Kong figure. This coincidence was enough to convince me that I should now be collecting Imperial toys. Due to space constraints I’m more of a passive collector. MostĀ of the collection I will keep in storage until I find my dreamspace home where I can display my bold collection of physiologically inaccurate monsters.

King Kong vs. Godzilla

Busco Mas

J. Raul Cornier as Busco Mas Sandra Cornier as Mira Menos. Second-hand vintage and designer fashion sourcing. For sale at: