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Camp Stamp

I’m a city girl. I grew up in a city, (albeit a small city). I do appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature, but in small doses.  I never went camping as a kid. I went to a day camp, which was really going to a community center in the projects, the local park and swimming pool.  Mom grew up on a farm, so she was always surrounded by nature. She couldn’t comprehend why people would want to sleep outside when they have perfectly good beds. But with my mom hat (and shoes) on, my goal is for my children to have as many experiences as I can provide. Which includes the wilderness. Which means I had to go camping.

Camping trip #1 wasn’t fun for me. It was Memorial Day weekend, 2009. It was the worst year of my life for allergies. Bugs everywhere wanted a piece of me. Every leaf that touched my skin was potential poison, since I wasn’t sure what poison plants looked like. And it was COLD as a mofo’.  At night, I’d hear rustling noises from nearby trees and bushes, and so I kept thinking about how I could strategically get my kids and I into the car as fast as I could. I didnt sleep a wink! We had no experience with camping as a family, and relied on friends who lent us their equipment (tents, air mattresses, lighting, and grill). Despite all these modern amenities that our friends graciously loaned to us, I could only take 1 night. Once the sun came up, I woke up my family, packed our stuff and headed home!  Needless to say the kids didn’t have a full camping experience, so that meant at some point in the future I’d have to make up for it.

Fast forward 3 years later when my daughter (aka Cynthia Starr), asked me for a camping trip for her birthday. After hesitating to use the voting method, majority won, and we decided to give it another try. I already started to think of all the disastrous things that could happen.

We asked for recommendations on the best campsite closest to home, in case we needed to implement plan B: GO HOME. I also wanted a campsite with electricity and running water. Luckily the waterfront campsites (with no water or electricity) were all booked.  This was actually husband’s first choice. I’m not sure how I could have survived!  I needed all the help I could get, so I went online and printed out a camping checklist (which looked like it was from the 80’s) to make sure we had all our basis covered. We went for a weekend, which I believed would be enough time for the kids to form an opinion as to whether they’d want to go back or not. If anything, they will chalk this one up on their life list of things they did once. 

We arrived at the site, set up, and explored our surroundings.  I saw the hardcore campers. But is it really camping when your in an RV that has a nice bed, running water, your own bathroom, air conditioner and satellite television, and internet? Yes!

Our experience with camping this time was pretty smooth and uneventful, except for the torential downpours on Saturday early evening.  We did a little fishing, swimming, hiking and alot of eating. The best part was after sundown and when the rain stopped, roasting marshmellows, making smores and just spending time with my family!  I was even surprised that we were all able to sleep 8 hours. I was a little OCD this weekend asking husband every 10 minutes if he would make sure there wasn’t any food on the ground, so we wouldn’t get unexpected visitors at night!

  • Son’s khaki shirt
  • Gap cropped flare jeans
  • Marc Jacobs scarf used as hair accessory
  • Dolce Vita for Target wedge espadrilles
  • Wood earrings from NYC, vintage brass bangle, plastic Amrita Singh bangle, gold-plated cuff
  • Gucci prescription sunglasses
  • FIDM Tote

Mira Menos

J. Raul Cornier as Busco Mas Sandra Cornier as Mira Menos. Second-hand vintage and designer fashion sourcing. For sale at: