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Antiques Roadshow: Appraise The Roof! - Part I

This year I decided to forgo the Annual Boston Gay Pride festivities, as I was able to score tickets to the Boston taping of The Antiques Roadshow. I’m a longtime fan of the show. I get more excited than the owners of appraised items while calling them out for not getting excited enough. I’ve always fantasized about being on the show. I would be one of those “I got this at a yard sale for $2” success stories, and I’d have a great reaction of surprise. I’ve practiced it.

The show was taped at the convention center in Southie. I parked in my quasi-legal, loophole parking space: no meter, and no “No Parking” signs. It was probably a stretch to park my car where I did, but my car is small. Once parked, I opened my trunk to re-pack my items, and decide that the best place to temporarily put my phone down was right on the edge of where the locking mechanism of the trunk door closes down. So I slam the trunk door; didn’t close. It re-opens, and there is my phone, with a cracked screen. I may as well have had a stroke, because that would’ve felt less painful.

Not only was I sans phone, I didn’t bring a camera because I’d use my phone to take pictures. What was the universe telling me? Were the gay gods upset that I didn’t go to Pride like I always do? Not likely; there ended up being plenty of gays at the roadshow. Luckily I invited my older brother (let’s call him Noqui Ero Mas) and he has a phone.

The general line for your time entry space wasn’t bad. Everyone was very friendly, welcoming us to “The Roadshow”. My hope was to at least be a hundredaire, but really secretly hoping to be a thousandaire, so that my chances of getting on TV would be better. I just wanted to be on TV, and get Mark L. “not Marky Mark” Wahlberg’s autograph. Despite being iPhoneless, my heart and mind were full of hope. Little did I know…

J. Raul Cornier as Busco Mas Sandra Cornier as Mira Menos. Second-hand vintage and designer fashion sourcing. For sale at: